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We are located in Paignton and cover all of Torbay

including Totnes and Newton Abbot

We are a mobile company so all the planning is done online

What we do


We are a mobile detailer in Torbay. Shelby's offers valeting and detailing services to both private and commercial clientele.


We specialise in bringing your car back to factory look with intense and effective processes


We are willing to follow client prefrences and

keep them happy at all times. No job too big or too small

Experience the ultimate luxury for your vehicle with our professional car detailing services. Make it shine like new. From thorough interior cleaning to exterior polishing and paint protection, we pay attention to every detail. Treat your car to a spa day and let us bring back its glory. Contact us to decide a price that suits you.

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  1. Initial Assessment:
    1. Inspect the car's exterior for dirt, debris, scratches, and imperfections.
  2. Pre-Wash:
    1. Rinse the car's exterior to remove loose dirt and contaminants.
    2. Apply a pre-wash foam or snow foam to help loosen dirt and grime.
  3. Wheels and Tires:
    1. Clean the wheels and tires using a dedicated wheel cleaner and brush.
    2. Apply tire dressing for a glossy finish.
  4. Wash and Rinse:
    1. Use a high-quality car wash soap to hand-wash the car's exterior.
    2. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue.
  5. Drying:

a. Use a clean, microfiber drying towel to thoroughly dry the car's exterior.

b. Start from the top and work your way down to prevent water spots.


1. Interior Assessment:

a. Inspect the interior for dirt, stains, and damage.

2. Vacuuming:

a. Thoroughly vacuum the interior, including seats, carpets, and floor mats.

3. Cleaning Surfaces:

a. Clean all interior surfaces, such as dashboard, door panels, and center console.

b. Use appropriate interior cleaners and brushes for different surfaces.

4. Leather and Upholstery:

a. Clean and condition leather seats (if applicable).

b. Shampoo and clean fabric or cloth seats (if applicable).

5. Glass and Mirrors:

a. Clean interior glass and mirrors for a streak-free finish.

6. Air Vent and Detailing Brushes:

a. Use detailing brushes to clean hard-to-reach areas, vents, and crevices.

7. Odor Elimination:

a. Address any lingering odors using an odor eliminator or air freshener.

8. Final Touches:

a. Apply interior protectants or dressings to maintain a clean and glossy appearance.




1. Comprehensive Assessment: We conduct a

thorough evaluation of your vehicle's paint,

identifying imperfections like swirl marks



2. Customized Approach: Based on the

assessment, we tailor our approach, selecting

the appropriate combination of polishing


and compounds to achieve the best results

for your specific needs.

3. Paint Preparation: We begin by ensuring a

clean canvas, washing the vehicle with gentle

car wash soap to eliminate loose dirt and


4. Optional Preparatory Steps: If necessary, we

use a clay bar to remove contaminants and

create a smoother surface.

5. Precision in Action: We perform a meticulous

machine polishing process, working in

manageable sections and utilizing


passes to guarantee even coverage.

6. Progressive Correction: We continually


the progress and, if needed, adjust our

technique by changing the pad or compound

to achieve the desired level of correction.

7. Final Touches: Once satisfied with the results,

we thoroughly wipe off any residue, inspect

the entire vehicle for uniform correction, and

ensure a polished, flawless finish.

8. Protective Finish: To safeguard the newly

polished surface, we apply a high-quality wax

or sealant, enhancing the overall appearance

and providing lasting protection.



1. Initial Assessment: We start by evaluating the

condition of your headlights, noting any

oxidation, haze, or scratches that may be

affecting their appearance and functionality.

2. Preparing the Work Area: To safeguard your

car's paint and trim, we use masking tape to

protect the surrounding areas. This ensures a

focused and precise restoration process.

3. Wet Sanding: Using a water spray bottle, we

wet the headlights and begin the sanding

process. Starting with a coarse grit, we

gradually move to finer grits, smoothing out

the surface and removing imperfections.

4. Polishing Magic: Applying a specially

formulated polishing compound, we bring out

the power tools, using a drill attachment or

applying the compound manually. This step is

crucial for achieving that crystal-clear finish

by eliminating any remaining haze.

5. Thorough Cleanup: After polishing, we wipe

off any residue with a clean microfiber towel,

ensuring the headlights are free from any

remaining polishing compound.

6. Sealant Application: If your headlights require

extra protection, we apply a UV sealant as the

finishing touch. This not only enhances the

clarity but also guards against future

oxidation and UV damage.

7. Quality Check: We conduct a meticulous

inspection to ensure the headlights are clear,

free from haze, and meet our quality



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"Incredible attention to detail! They welcomed me warmly and explained their packages thoroughly. My car looks brand new inside and out, and the fresh scent is a nice touch. Highly recommended!"

The Team

Shelby's Detailing is under the dedicated ownership and operation of Oliver Hermer. This guarantees the execution of all tasks to the utmost excellence, ensuring every individual benefits from exceptional customer service. With a professional background spanning over four years within the car care sector, Oliver initiated his journey in vehicle cleaning at a young age of 17. Today, he stands determined to consolidate the remarkable repute he has earned in the realm of vehicle care using his own name. He has hired 3 other enthusiastic and valuable team members to maximise efficiency and customer satisfaction The benchmarks set for quality are truly exceptional, and with a wealth of extensive experience at your disposal, you can confidently entrust your vehicle into secure hands. Shelby's represents a holistic encounter, transcending the realm of conventional valeting enterprises.




"Transformative experience! I'm amazed by their work. My car's stains vanished, and it feels like new. Exceptional value for the level of detailing I received. If you want top-tier service, choose them!"

Welcome to our premier car detailing business nestled in the heart of Paignton, your one-stop destination for automotive perfection. Proudly serving the entirety of Torbay, encompassing the picturesque locales of Totnes and bustling Newton Abbot, we extend our expert services to a radius of 15 miles, ensuring that even the farthest corners experience the epitome of vehicular luxury. Our passion for precision and dedication to restoring your vehicle's allure knows no bounds. With a commitment that transcends distance, we bring our unrivaled detailing expertise to your doorstep, transforming every car into a masterpiece and making every mile traveled a testament to your impeccable taste.



"Car enthusiast approved! Shelby's erased swirl marks and stains I thought were permanent. Their use of quality products is evident, and my car has never looked better. Trustworthy and skilled.

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